Official Test Piece – Dutch Brassband Championships

The Pillars of Mankind

I’m glad to announce that I have written ‘The Pillars of Mankind’ as the official test piece for the 4th division of the Dutch Brassband Championships (Nederlandse Brassband Kampioenschappen).

It took quite the journey to get there; not only the actual journey to Southern Turkey and Göbekli Tepe, but also the composition process itself. It was a slowly coming together of all the different elements which sprung up in my mind during my visit to a different part of the world, eventually producing a result I am quite content with. Thusly, I am very much looking forward to the performances on Friday the 3rd of November. Good luck the coming months to all the bands rehearsing this composition.

For more information and to order the composition, click down below:

The Pillars of Mankind (ow. 9)