Master of Music

Amsterdam – After obtaining my bachelor degree in 2019, I am happy to announce that I have obtained my master degree in wind band conducting as of the 2nd of July 2021.

After two quite moving years due to Covid-19 and, therefore, a distinct lack of a cohesive education traject, I am nevertheless glad to hold the title of M.Mus: Master of Music.

The program of the concert on the 2nd of July consisted out of the 2nd half of the Gran Partita by Mozart and the wind serenade by Dvořák played by an ad hoc wind ensemble of students of the conservatory. Added to this was my own composition written especially for this concert: Reading Gaol.

Reading Gaol is based on the last three stanzas of the Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde. After coming into contact with Wilde by studying the score of Salome (1905) by Richard Strauss, I began reading some of his work and was very attracted to this last section of the poem. The last stanza is also highly famous due to its reference to Shakespear’s The Merchant of Venice. 

The sung part was written for the wonderful soprano Judith Weusten, a dear friend of mine. Known for her exquisite voice, which can be intimate yet powerful at the same time, she put much of her emotion into the words of Wilde. She was accompanied by 4 tenor trombone players: Wilco Kamminga, Bente van der Brug, Joăo Canelas and Arjan Linker, who all played terrifically. My special thanks go to Arjan for the organisation of the ensemble.

The score and parts are available for purchase: